5 October, 2019

Some White People Still Caring About What Black People Think. Why?

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An observation: it amazes me that, in this War On Whitey era, some White people still care about what Black people think — they’ll say to themselves, “I better call them ‘African-American’ instead of ‘Black.’ They seem to prefer that.” I mean, you’ve got to be kidding. Blacks are the most worthless people in human history, a failed race (just look at Africa), yet White people are worried about offending them! [1]. If you’re really worried about offending Blacks, you’ve got a huge problem, White man — even Carl Jung couldn’t help you. (Interesting trivia: I’ve noticed that college-educated Whites seem to be much more concerned about offending Blacks than blue-collar, no-college Whites. “Higher education,” huh? Why do they call it that?).

[1] anything “advanced” in Africa (e.g., highways, bridges, telephone lines) were installed/made by Whites, not by Blacks

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  7. 2 Responses to “Some White People Still Caring About What Black People Think. Why?”

    1. Joel Says:

      “Higher education”, huh? Why do they call it that?

      Because they’re stupid yuppies

    2. Joel Says:

      Why do some White people care what Black people think?

      Because they believe they were Wise Black Scientists.