1 November, 2019

No, Christianity Cannot Save the West

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“In the book, Reno says he wants a “widespread revival of Christianity in the West”…

No way! Sorry! This idea that Christianity will save the Western world must be dumped and buried deep. Christianity — an egalitarian, wimpy, turn-the-other-cheek religion — is a big part of why the West is currently being destroyed. For example, the mainstream Christian churches embrace racial diversity and unchecked non-White immigration (“as long as the Brown and Black people are Christians, they’re good for America” the churches believe). Christianity is not a Western religion. It was founded in the Middle East, and in fact, it was created by Jews, who wrote the Old Testament. The West must adopt a White, non-egalitarian religion, whichever one it might be (perhaps Odinism?). However, some people have noted that White nationalism is, by itself, a religion of sorts.


  • 4 Responses to “No, Christianity Cannot Save the West”

    1. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      The mainstream churches are all imposters! Jesus says in the Book of Revelation that He has spewed them out of His mouth!

      The true Christianity has never been tried. I am not sure that Jesus even wanted established churches.

    2. Joel Says:

      Long haired hippy jew fag Jesus, and his weird Christianity ruined Rome.

      So thinks Ben Klassen and Matt Hale.



      If Jesus was performing so many miracles, why did not one Roman author write them down?

    3. TheyNeedToGoBack Says:

      It is a shame that you clowns are correct about “jews”, minorities, globalists, etc, but are profoundly wrong about Christ or Christianity.

      There can be no western civilization without Christianity. It is an intrinsic requirement.

      If anything, you are talking about churchianity, which all too often alt-retards think represent actual Christianity.

    4. LouieB Says:

      The self hating White Christian is a 20th century phenomenon. It is not Christian because it is based on llie; All races are the same. Before th emid 20th century Mainstream White Christianity not only knew other races were different but were not afraid to say so. There is no Western Civilization without Christianity; No freedom, no capitalism, no equity under the law, property rights, right to elect representatives etc, etc… Theses are all rights given by the Christian God, the creator of the Universe. Limp wristed modern Christians have forgotten that to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you first have to love yourself. That means loving your people, your race, and doing everything to help your people survive and prosper. They are not Christians. As a race realist Christian, I can really obey Jesus, because I first love myself and my people. Then I can also love other races by helping them thrive IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. Without self love (Maintaining the white race in it’s own countries,) There can be no Christian action. So yes Christianity is essential. Not the marxist anti human faux Christianity being practiced by so many today. But the historical Christianity that was the foundation of the greatest civilization and history the world has ever seen