25 November, 2019

They’ve Taken the Gloves Off, Because They’re Paranoid

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It is said that the best propaganda is subtle. Well, someone should tell Madison Avenue that, because it has given up on subtlety. It’s hawking race-mixing almost like a carnival barker hawking The Snake Girl: “Step right up, folks, we’ve got some amazing race-mixing here. Life is better with race-mixing!”

Seen yesterday: a TV commercial for cars. In the commercial, a smiling, mixed-race, male/female couple walks out of a store. Then another, different, smiling, mixed-race couple walks out of the same store. Then, another, different mixed-race couple does the same thing! Three mixed-race couples, all Black/White, one after the other, exit the same store, all of them happy and laughing. Yes. It’s over-the-top propaganda, to a degree that I have never seen before.

The New York Jews who control media advertising are working overtime in the Era Of Donald Trump. They are clearly afraid that Trump is a secret White Nationalist who dog-whistles “racist” ideas to other Whites (e.g., the southern border wall, the Muslim “travel ban”). These race-mixing commercials are designed to “trump” Trump’s “White racism.”

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