2 November, 2019

UK: Muslim Sex Gangs Target White Children

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But here’s the big problem: Britain has “racism police.” That’s right. Racism is a serious crime in Britain [1]. So no White person wants to report lecherous Muslim immigrants to the police for preying on White girls, lest the White person be arrested for “racism.” This sexual preying on White children happens all over Europe today; Europe has become a sick joke.

[Video of young White girl telling about Muslim sexual harassment; duration is 1 minute, 49 seconds].


[1] Britain’s racism police are euphemistically called “Community Safety Units” (apparently because “racism police” sounded too negative and Orwellian)

  • One Response to “UK: Muslim Sex Gangs Target White Children”

    1. Joel Says:

      Weird, Ant.

      Shouldn’t the Racism Police be investigating the Brown Muslims for Brown on White Children hate crimes?