18 November, 2019

Women in the Workplace: Big Fun for Everyone!

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Are you feeling the fun yet? No??? There’s a sexual harassment lawsuit filed every 20 minutes in America. But it’s okay, because we’re on The Glorious Road To Sex Equality! Yeah! Alright! Woo-Hoo!

Woman #1: “The boss put his hand on my shoulder! I felt harassed!” (*sob*)

Woman #2: “He looked at me funny! I think he was looking at my butt! Now I’m in therapy.” (*sniff*)(*sob*)

Woman #3: “He said that I had great legs! Oh! The nerve of that man!” (*wail!*)

Woman #4: “I felt uncomfortable and vulnerable in his office!” (*choke*)(*sob*)

Woman #5: “He invited me to dinner! What a creep!” (*sob*)

Woman #6: “He undressed me with his eyes! I filed a lawsuit!” (*sob*)

Woman #7: “He said that I looked pretty! That’s soooo offensive!” (*sniffle*)

Woman #8: “I slept with him twice and he still didn’t give me a promotion! The bastard! I’m going to sue this company for sexual harassment, even the wetback janitors!” (*sniff*)

Woman #9: “He picked a piece of lint off the front of my blouse. Was I sexually harassed??”


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