14 December, 2019

Brexit: Will It Spread?

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Global government is madness: Why would people who live in the UK want to be governed by bureaucrats who live in Belgium? Nonetheless, global government has been a trend for decades.

But now, with Boris Johnson winning the election in Britain, maybe there’s hope that global government (which is illegal) is on the way out [1]. Perhaps France and Germany will soon have their own “Brexits.”



[1] Jews (an international, cosmopolitan people) have long been the major advocates for global government, which violates the natural and long-recognized sovereignty of all states. Global government creates unholy alliances that further ugly things — for example, wars, “free trade” and international plutocracy. The stop-Brexit movement has been led by Jews, e.g., George Soros, Alex Chesterman, Lord David Pannick, Will Straw and Lord Peter Mandelson; dishonorable mention: Gina Miller, who has a Jewish husband

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