17 January, 2020

The Serious Danger of Bread and Circuses in America, or, More Cohencidences

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White man #1: “What did you say? They’re erasing my White culture?? I don’t care, as long as I can watch my favorite shows on cable TV!”

White man #2: “Hey, as long as I have my beer and my porno, why should I care if America is being flooded with illegal aliens??”

White man #3: “I get stoned and watch videos on the internet all day long. Nothing else matters!”

White woman #1: “I have plenty of credit cards and a new SUV! Who cares about anything else?”

This is one reason why America is in deep shit (and how “strange” that Jews are heavily involved in the porno, liquor, banking and TV/entertainment businesses. Must be just a Cohencidence!).

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