15 February, 2020

“French Asians”? There Are No Such Critters

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Quoting a news report: “French Asians hit back at racism…”

So, if you’re Chinese and you move to France, you automatically become French? Horseshit. French people are White. Here’s an idea for the “oppressed” Chinks who are infecting France: stay in Asia where you belong and then you won’t experience “racism” [1].



[1] Asians rioted in Paris in March 2017 after a Chink stabbed a cop and the cops shot him. If you’re gonna invade the West, gookers, at least behave yourselves. Trivia: the Asian hornet invaded France in 2004. That hornet kills honey bees. Not good! Even Asian bugs are invading France! Leave the West alone, Eastern parasites

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