10 February, 2020

Fun With Exotic Food in China, Early 2020

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Chinese man #1: “Bing boing wang dang bam!” (translation: “gimme some more of those bat nuggets!”)

Chinese man #2: “Fong wong ping pong boing!” (translation: “you’ve had 6 of them already; try the python casserole instead.”)

Chinese woman #1: “Wham bam boing ting tong bong!” (translation: “That rat pudding tastes funny.”)

Chinese woman #2: “Ding boing bing wham bam!” (translation: “Of course it tastes funny, it’s rat pudding!”)


Chinese man #1: “Tong bing bong dang boing wham bam!” (translation: “Are you supposed to vomit 16 times after eating bat nuggets??”)

Chinese man #2: “Boing ting ding dong!” (translation: “Uhhhhh, no, you should only vomit twice at the most.”)


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