14 February, 2020

Globalism, the Newest Religion, Causes Corona Virus To Spread Rapidly, But You Should Ignore That Fact, White Man

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White liberal #1: “All humans are global citizens! Localism and regionalism are old-fashioned and racist!”

White liberal #2: “Yes! Despite what the evil White men say, we are all citizens of the world! We must all mix together because no culture is better than another. There is only one race: the human race [1]. We must all marry each other and become one big blob of worthless protoplasm!”

White liberal #3: “Down with the West! Up with the dregs of humanity!”

White conservative #1: “The Bible says in Leviticus 19:34 that there is no difference between a foreign alien and a citizen. We are all one people under Jesus! Borders are immoral!”

White conservative #2: “We are all god’s children, no matter the color or creed! Heck, my brother-in-law is from Somalia!”

White conservative #3: “As long as a man accepts Jesus as his savior, he’s welcome in my home, no matter where he’s from! In fact, I have four adopted daughters from Vietnam!”

Jew: “Globalism, communism, what’s the diff? I win either way!”



[1] “There is no race but the human race,” declared Otto Klineberg, a Jewish “race expert” and a buddy of the famous Jewish fraud, Franz Boas, in 1935

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