23 February, 2020

Lions, Tigers and White Terrorists, Oh, My!, or, Traditional White Men are the Biggest Threat to Public Safety!

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Yes, folks, it seems that the biggest “threat” to New Jersey isn’t the toxic waste dumps, or the Marxists, or the radical jihadist Muslim immigrants, or the leftist media, or the mafia, or the violent antifa groups, or the radical teachers who brainwash your kids, but a few White men who drive pickup trucks and own guns! Oh, my God! (Historically, “White supremacist terrorism incidents” have been instigated by paid federal police informants who were hired to instigate “White domestic terrorism,” e.g., the Matt Hale case in Illinois in 2000 and the Randy Weaver case in Idaho in 1989. Indeed, nearly every incidence of “White supremacist terrorism” has been launched by some federal informant hired to infiltrate, and facilitate, White “hate movements.” Bottom line: genuine terrorism isn’t manufactured by paid federal informants who are looking to make money) [1].


[1] it has been alleged by some people that the most recent “White supremacist terrorism” group (called “The Base”) was or is run by an informant or agent provocateur

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