25 February, 2020

Only 7 White Countries Are Truly Safe From the Global Chink Virus

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Behold “The Camp of the Sane”: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia (aka Czech Republic), Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which are the White countries that can best resist the Multicultural Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 (yay, one-world, race-blind democracy!) [1], due to their rejection of “racial diversity and immigration are our strength!” horseshit that is pushed by Big Jew 24/7/365 [2]. Of course, on the downside, Big Jew will step up his nation-wrecking actions in those White countries as a result of them being part of the Camp of the Sane. Will the last stand of White people really be in Eastern Europe? Maybe.



[1] “A coronavirus outbreak in the United States is now inevitable, a top CDC official said Tuesday” — politico.com, 2/25/20

[2] Big Jew = Big Hollywood, Big Media, Big Music, Big Finance, Big NGOs, UN, UNESCO, etc.

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