3 February, 2020

Russia Paranoia and Hate: Putin Is Satan! Russia’s Gonna Get Us All!

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God: “Russia! Russia! Russia!”

The Devil: “Putin! Putin! Putin!”

Marcia Brady: “Russia! Russia! Russia!”

Jimmy Hoffa: “Putin’s the new Hitler!”

Bigfoot: “Russian election interference! Russian election interference!”

Shaggy: “Like, Russia’s gonna invade us any day now, Scoob!”

The bad guy with no teeth in ‘Deliverance’: “Trump is in cahoots with that fella Putin!”

Marvin the Martian: “Oh, dear, Russia is Nazi Germany all over again! We’re doomed, I say! Doomed!”

My neighbor’s dog: “Arf, arf, arf, arf, woof!” (translation: “I hear Russian tanks coming down the street right now!”).


  • One Response to “Russia Paranoia and Hate: Putin Is Satan! Russia’s Gonna Get Us All!”

    1. Luke Says:

      I think all this exaggerated jew hate for Putin is mostly bullshit.

      From what I can determine, the only real difference between how Trump and Putin sucks up to the jews is that Trump swallows and Putin prefers to spit out the hebrew seed. I mean, for crying out loud – did everyone see the way Putin flew down to Shits-A-Lie and took part in their Holohoax Remembrance Day that is their way of boasting to the world about how many billions of dollars they’ve managed to swindle out of the stupid White goyim based on the biggest lie of the 20th Century?

      Yea, maybe there is some legitimate jew hatred for Putin in some segments of the self chosen community – due to the way Putin pulled somewhat of a rope-a-dope on the jewish oligarchs and then, once elected, turned on them and ran them out of Russia or tossed them into prison. But, I do not think that Putin is much more than a minor threat to most of the jew internationalist Globo-Homo agenda.

      The fact is – jews always need to have a bogeyman who has White skin. He can be a fake bogeyman or a real bogeyman, but as long as he has White skin – they’re happy with the bogeyman. He helps them scare the little jews into donating their shekels to the big jews. He also helps the big jews snooker our treasonous US Congress into increasing foreign aid to Shits-A-Lie and to spend never ending wads of our money on the military budget.