25 March, 2020

Horrible Liberals Politicize the Coronavirus Pandemic with a New, Pork-Filled Bailout Bill

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(Late edit: the post’s title has been edited to read “Bill” since it is not yet a law)

I’ve said it before: liberals will politicize anything. Yes, anything. In fact, liberals are born to be political. They’re born complainers. They challenge every idea, every tradition and every value. Did you hear about the liberal baby? As soon as she popped out of her mother’s womb, she demanded to know if the doctor’s gloves were recyclable and if the hospital had a sufficient number of “transgender” nurses.

The liberals added into the federal law: amnesty-for-illegals and instant-voter-creation mandates that favor liberal politicians but will work against Trump on election day.

Also: will people in Nevada die due to Trump Derangement Syndrome?

And, surprise! Liberals also want the government to forcibly quarantine people in America like they do in China (i.e., no self-quarantining at home). Liberals love governmental force. Look at California: everything there is mandated, or banned, by the government. Liberals are not “the people of freedom.” They’re the people of Big Brother.

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