8 March, 2020

Mass-Murderer and Communist Dictator V. I. Lenin to Get Statue Erected to Him in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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(Above: Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, who was 1/4 Jewish. Interestingly, Lenin is usually not called a dictator but merely a “Russian revolutionary”).

And to think, Germany is a “free” and “democratic” country! So why the Lenin statue?

Isn’t it “odd” how White leftists never move to Cuba or North Korea? They claim to love communism. Why don’t they pack their bags and relocate to Havana? Hmmmmm? You might think that the murderous, Jewish ideology of communism would be so discredited today that no one would take it seriously. But lots of people take it seriously!

It seems that Mr. Lenin was a little “off.” Ever hear the story about him murdering several hundred rabbits for fun? Yeah. He beat the little bunnies to death for no apparent reason. Just for laughs. Hyuk, hyuk [1].

(Trivia: there is also a Lenin statue in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. Who knows why).



[1] “Lenin’s own wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya, in her Memoirs (1932), describes how Lenin once rowed a small boat out to a little island in the Yenisei River where many rabbits had migrated during the winter. For his own sick pleasure, Lenin clubbed so many rabbits to death with the butt of his rifle that the boat sank under the weight of all the dead bodies. Lenin became drunk with glee at the awful sight.” — This account comes from the 2002 Swedish book “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” by Juri Lina.

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