30 May, 2020

Floyd: The Devil is Always in the Details (Which the Media Frequently Leave Out)

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First, the American media said George Floyd didn’t resist the cops. We now know that that was a bold lie. He resisted 4 or 5 times.

Now comes this interesting detail about Floyd:

“The complaint says that Floyd began saying and repeating he could not breathe while standing outside the car.” While standing! Well, that certainly runs against the Black narrative! Floyd probably swallowed his bindle of cocaine/meth/PCP as the cops approached. It’s a common tactic. He was overdosing 10 minutes later.

But more importantly, realize this fact: every Black man who has died recently during an arrest was fighting with the cops. Had the Blacks simply cooperated with the cops (like White people do), they’d all be alive today [1]. Blacks are not innocent victims like the media and Hollywood want you to believe. Blacks are a huge, dangerous problem for America, and it’s time that that fact be publicly addressed. Idea: How about the U.S. government, instead of giving Blacks endless welfare payments, giving them one-way airplane tickets to…Africa? Nicaragua? Madagascar? Some other place with a warm climate? They could each receive $1,000 as well — paid for, of course, by increased taxation of Jewish millionaires/billionaires.


[1] e.g., Eric Garner, Michael Brown and of course Floyd

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