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15 August, 2019

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News headline: “Philadelphia police pelted with objects, taunted during harrowing shootout, standoff” Hey, cops: did you really think that “being nice to the negroes” was going to work? Call me cynical, but I don’t think it worked. The nigs seem to hate you more than ever… [Article].

6 July, 2019

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It would be interesting to learn who this person was who complained about the police presence. Were they Black? Mexican? SJW? This sort of thing is becoming somewhat common in places like Seattle, Portland, San Franqueersco, etc. Cops are seen as “Nazis” today — which is funny since most cops are hopelessly race-blind and politically […]

10 February, 2013

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It seems that there is a difference between the two, thankfully. But nonetheless, how many sheriffs would actually defend White Nationalists? (Very few). [Article].

6 July, 2012

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Don’t be absurd. Physical strength has nothing to do with stopping a bad guy. A little 5-foot-1-inch woman can easily subdue a 6-foot-5-inch man. Don’t you watch TV? [Article].

28 April, 2010

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Trivia: all cops take an oath to uphold the laws. On the bright side, this law really is illuminating for the citizens: it’s bringing out the true colors of all sorts of people: [Article]. More: [Here].

27 October, 2009

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(This article is from April, but did not see it until today). “There are nearly 30 foreign countries now participating in the eTrace program as well as thousands of police agencies throughout the United States.” That may include Israel: [Article].