7 July, 2020

White Man, You Better Take Back Your Region, and Quick

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Here’s a Twitter video (dated July 5) of a dozen police in England being pushed back and forced to retreat by a large mob of Blacks/antifa leftists (although the thugs look mostly Black). This is what the Western world has become: Blacks and Marxist thugs setting the rules/calling the tune. This would not have happened in 1995.

White man, you have two choices: protect your region or lose it. If you don’t take back the West, it will fall, and you’ll lose everything that you love and hold dear. (The West almost fell at Vienna in 1683, when the Muslims nearly over-ran Europe. Thankfully, we stopped them. Let’s not have a re-play of that).

[Video; duration is 2 minutes, 20 seconds].

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