28 May, 2020

Jewish, Queer Activist Larry Kramer Died

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Kramer was a major figure in the queer-rights movement, which was and still is led largely by ethnic Jews (most “liberation” movements are run by Jews). Kramer blamed President Ronald Reagan for queers getting AIDS — as if it was Reagan’s fault that queers screwed anything with an anus — without using condoms — back in 1981. Many queers don’t use condoms even today: apparently, it’s a “thrill” to have sex without condoms. The potential danger excites them.

“Kramer, 84, died on Wednesday morning in Manhattan, the New York Times reported, citing his husband…who said Kramer died of pneumonia.”

(Note that Kramer had AIDS, or HIV if you prefer).

Wait a second: men have husbands? Really?? How does a husband have a husband?


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