26 May, 2020

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Winterhawk (1975), starring Leif Erickson and Dawn Wells.

Those evil White people! They always speak with forked tongue! Indian-worship began in the 1960s and it’s at full boil here. This savage named Winterhawk is honest, noble, smart and morally superior to you!

(Indian trivia: the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804, composed of 32 White men and one Indian woman, met some friendly Indians during its journey. The men traded goods with these Indians. But later, the Indians decided that they didn’t like the trade and they demanded that the trade be reversed. This is where the once-popular term “Indian giver” comes from. Leftists try to explain that embarrassing incident away by saying that the bungled trade was merely a “misunderstanding” due to a language barrier, but such leftist claims don’t hold water, for two reasons: 1) the expedition had an Indian interpreter along, named Sacagawea, and a few other people who could speak various Indian languages, and 2) the Indians had actually developed, over many years, a type of sign language which was known to some of the White expedition members)[1].

[Movie; duration is 1 hour, 39 minutes].


[1] “When the ability to communicate verbally was unavailable, the officers of the expedition could rely on “sign talking” as a last resort.”

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