8 May, 2020

PC: the Other Dangerous Disease Sickening America

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America has a dangerous infection. Covid-19? No. Political Correctness (PC). It’s a horrible disease. You catch it from Jews. San Antonio, Texas has a bad case of PC. And of course, its mayor is half-Jewish by ethnicity [1]:

“Council members unanimously passed a (“hate speech”) resolution that specifically addresses anti-Chinese COVID-19 references, including terms such as “Chinese virus” (but it came from China!)…”said Mayor Ron Nirenberg, who initiated the resolution…”

PC is part of Cultural Marxism, which was pioneered by the Jewish-run Frankfurt School at Columbia University in NYC [2].



[1] “Nirenberg is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent (from Poland and Russia) on his father’s side and of mixed Filipino, Malay, Indian, and British heritage from his mother’s side.” — Wikipedia

[2] Political Correctness is a sub-ideology of Cultural Marxism (it’s the “language part” of CM, i.e., talking/writing) and Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of Critical Theory (which came from The Frankfurt School); so that’s read: Critical Theory>Cultural Marxism>Political Correctness

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