31 July, 2020

Three Former Presidents, Others Deify Rep. John Lewis, or, The Latest Black Jesus

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Rep. John Lewis was like Jesus, only better: he was Black!

America has a long line of Black Jesuses: Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, just recently, George Floyd, and now Rep. John Lewis. You know your White country is in deep trouble when 3 former American presidents “honor” a dead, nearly-Marxist, negro troublemaker. Bush said: “John Lewis believed in the Lord. He believed in humanity and he believed in America…He’s been called an American saint” (which Marxist called him that?). Actually, Lewis was a professional race-hustler who, for example, used illegal Mexican children as political weapons against Donald Trump [1]. What sort of man uses illegal children as weapons?

[Here] and [Here].

[1] e.g., Rep. Lewis’ speech at the Atlanta “Keep Families Together” protest, June 30, 2018

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