22 August, 2020

16 Key Precepts of White, Western Culture

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1. The nuclear family (i.e., father/mother/children) is the bedrock, the vital ingredient of White, Western culture. Without the nuclear family, Western culture would be doomed.

2. Western culture is White culture only. There is no debating this fact. Western culture is not Black, or Brown, or Jewish, or Asian. It’s European in origin.

3. Feminism is harmful to Western culture — it often prevents women from bearing/raising children and it causes men and women to fight over trivial things.

4. Homosexuality is harmful to Western culture — it cheapens our normal, two-sex culture.

5. Multiculturalism and diversity will kill Western culture like poison will kill a rat.

6. Western culture is, at its core, “White male.”

7. The ownership of private property (i.e., land and businesses) is vital to the preservation of Western culture.

8. Without the private ownership of guns, Western man cannot properly defend his family, his culture and his heritage.

9. Marxism/communism/socialism (which are Jewish-founded ideologies, e.g., founded by Karl Marx/Moses Hess/Eduard Bernstein/Ferdinand Lassalle), are anti-White and must be strongly opposed by Western people. Marxist/socialist ideas are deadly to Western culture and they must not be tolerated.

10. Jews, who are not genetically White, are the greatest enemy of Western culture.

11. Christianity, while it seems White on its surface, is Levantine, egalitarian and anti-White; in fact, the Old Testament was written by Jews. Therefore, Christianity is a threat to Western culture.

12. Non-White immigration will kill Western culture like poison will kill a rat.

13. Government regulations will kill Western culture like poison will kill a rat.

14. Public schools (including the universities) are a serious threat to Western culture.

15. Without plenty of economic, political and artistic freedom, Western culture will vanish (this is related to Precept #13 above); it cannot survive without freedom.

16. Globalism and “free trade” will kill Western culture like poison will kill a rat. The White countries must keep non-White countries at a distance (physically, politically and economically speaking. For example, China should never have been given “Most Favored Nation” trading status by America).

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