30 August, 2020

New Book Defending Looting Was Written by a Jew

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Jews are natural-born instigators. In fact, I recall one writer saying, “a Jew is the first person to stand up in a crowded lunchroom and yell “food fight!” Yes.

On that note:

About the new book “In Defense Of Looting” by Vicky Osterweil: [Here].

Consider also this tiny quote by Osterweil: “As a queer Jewish anarchist, I had been lumped into a…” — from an article titled “Force Fed: How recommendation algorithms tried to make me a Nazi” by Vicky Osterweil, February 28, 2017. At the end of the article, it says “Vicky Osterweil is a writer, editor, and agitator based in Philadelphia.”

Question: if looting is okay, then, does that mean that right-wingers can loot the houses and apartments of Marxists and not be arrested, or even criticized? The right-wingers would be cheered and “atta-boy”ed by the cops?? (Somehow I doubt that).

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