1 August, 2020

What More Do Blacks Want?

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The Black people in America wanted “civil rights.” They got them.

The Blacks wanted to attend public schools with Whites. They got that with the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling.

They wanted Affirmative Action and other types of favoritism. They got them.

They wanted “housing rights” so they got the 1968 Fair Housing Act (since then, Whitey has been forced to rent housing to Blacks, by law).

They wanted to be cops and firemen and soldiers and Congressmen. They got all that.

They wanted welfare payments and they got many types of them (federal, state, local).

They wanted government-subsidized housing (known as the “Section 8” rent assistance voucher program). They got that years ago, in 1937.

They wanted to be called “colored,” then “Black” and then later “African-American”; they got that, too.

They wanted federal and state “hate crime” laws and they got them.

Bottom line: the Blacks have gotten everything they asked for. Yet they’re still not satisfied with their lives in America. They’re like spoiled children: they want more, more, more. Always more.

How ironic: Blacks still hate Whitey even after all the bending-over-backward (and forward!) Whitey has done to please them. The Blacks still loot and burn White-built cities, and they still rob, rape and murder Whitey with horrifying frequency.

What more do Blacks want? Do they even know anymore?

Will Blacks ever be satisfied? If history is any indication, no.

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