4 November, 2020

Here Comes PC Capitalism: Friendly Towards the Third-World Riff-Raff and the Green Crowd

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It desires a “level playing field”? That figures. I hate the new, PC capitalism already! [1]. I like the old, cutthroat type of capitalism myself. It’s more realistic.

“(Walmart CEO) McMillon believes that the old ways of doing business under shareholder or state capitalism are outdated and need to be replaced with stakeholder capitalism, which is outlined in another TIME article.

In essence, stakeholder capitalism would make private corporations like Walmart trustees of society rather than mere dividend generators for shareholders.

Stakeholder capitalism is said to be more sustainable and balanced than shareholder capitalism in that it would require corporations to pay their “fair share” of taxes, help to root out corruption, advocate for a level playing field in what is known as a “platform economy,” and protect workers throughout the global supply chain. [Here].


[1] more about stakeholder capitalism, or PC capitalism: “The World Economic Forum, whose annual meeting kicks off this week, updated its Davos Manifesto for the first time since 1973 to more clearly state that businesses must be stewards of the environment, uphold human rights throughout their global supply chains, and pursue sustainable shareholder returns that don’t sacrifice the future for the present.” [Here].

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