8 November, 2020

Suitcases at Polling Places. Workers Filmed Filling Out Ballots

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A smart fellow said, a few days before the election: “Biden is so unpopular that the only way the Dems can win the election is by stealing it.” (Recall that no actual humans were at Biden rallies, only crickets and moths. Yet, Biden beat Trump in red states like Arizona! Yeah. Sure).

“A video by a poll watcher in Michigan showed several Black people carrying pieces of luggage and other large containers that were likely carrying fraudulent ballots in the middle of the night.

In Georgia, a very large number of ballots had votes for Joe Biden only. Ballots with votes for only the presidential candidate rarely happen. The vast majority of people will vote on other contests on the ballot. The most plausible explanation for why Biden got the only vote is that the Democrats came up a few hundred thousand ballots short, and they had to expedite their vote fraud by only filling out the Biden circle so they could get enough votes to steal the election quickly enough.” [Here].

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