14 November, 2020

What Should White People Do Now?

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Stormfront poster Bellatrix wrote, re: what should White people do now, in mid-Nov. 2020?:

“The West right now is culturally hollow. That is the reason there is so much social dysfunction and physical and emotional illness.

White Nationalism can fill that void. We must show the greatest number of Whites possible that it is an attractive alternative to the life they are currently living. If it hits the right notes, it will be an attractive alternative.

This is a long-term approach, though, and not something that can be achieved overnight.”

Yes, indeed. White culture has nearly vanished. Whites are feeling lost, outnumbered and powerless — of course, that’s by design! In many places in the West, there is no White culture. Every TV commercial today features Blacks or mulattoes. White people must band together now, today, as Whites. Not as liberals, or as conservatives, or as libertarians, but first and foremost as White people — people who created the West and who want to preserve their superior culture! [1]. Race comes first. Everything else comes last. Whites are the new Indians, and the Jews and their Marxist foot-soldiers are the cavalry, and we’re close to being wiped out. Think it won’t happen? Look at California. Whites became a racial minority in California several years ago.


[1] We Whites even gave Black people democracy — and look what they did with it: Detroit is a slum. So is Baltimore and Newark. Blacks destroyed Minneapolis with rioting in mid-2020.

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