15 December, 2020

Thoughts on the Dangers of Technology Vis-a-Vis Race

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(Old saying: “The problem with progress is that they didn’t know when to stop”).

I made a post, in January 2020, about “Black and Brown people abusing White technology” (e.g., using cellphones to make drug deals).

But that example is merely criminal. The situation concerning White technology use by Browns is more serious than that.

White technology will make the world much smaller. It will also greatly aid Brown people. That’s good for Brown people, sure, but not good for White people.

Brown countries are being given a huge “leg up” by White technology. Indeed, White technology is an “equalizing” force, making the lives of Brown people much easier, more comfortable and more profitable. By using certain White technology (e.g., 3D printing, supercomputers), Brown people can now do things that they couldn’t previously do.

In fact, White technology will “erase” many of the racial differences of mankind. That technology will “lift all boats equally” after the UN and other idiots give the technology to all of the Brown countries (and they will). Technology will hide the racial differences of mankind, making people unaware of true racial realities.

Technology will be more curse than cure for White people.

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