3 March, 2021

Here It Comes, More Goy-Control

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Of course liberals and Jews are pushing for more gun-control laws. They’re worried that freedom could break out. Then where would America be?? That could lead to White people defending themselves against attacks by negroes. Heavens! How horrible! Those innocent thugs!

In order to take your guns away, (((they))) must first know who has the guns (names, addresses, types of guns, serial numbers, etc.). They soon will know all of that, thanks to this type of legislation. Furthermore, background checks for gun purchases are nearly universal already: only a few states allow private-party gun sales. Most crime in America is committed by repeat offenders: negroes with long criminal records. Why doesn’t Congress deal with that matter, instead of penalizing law-abiding White people with ridiculous laws that don’t work? [Article]. Quick: name a liberal law that has worked. You can’t, so don’t try. Every liberal law is a sham, a fake, window dressing.

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