31 March, 2021

Leftist Hero Foucault was a Kiddie-Diddler. Surprise!

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(Above: the homosexual postMarxist “philosopher” Michel Foucault, who said that truth is a construct created by White male homophobic capitalists. Whatever that means. Foucault is surprisingly popular with intellectuals, which says a lot about intellectuals. Foucault quit the French Communist Party in 1953 due to its alleged homophobia).

(In the library at a large American university):

Young woman: “Somebody help me! My boyfriend has collapsed! He won’t wake up!”

Man: “Just relax, ma’am, I’m a doctor. What happened?”

Young woman: “My boyfriend was reading a philosophy book and now he’s unconscious. He isn’t responding at all!”

Man: “Let me examine him. What was he reading, by the way?”

Young woman: “This book here, by the French postmodernist, Michel Foucault.”

Man: “Okay, your boyfriend seems to be fine. The problem is minor. I’ve seen this before. Your boyfriend simply had too much to think.”

Young woman: “Well, what happened?”

Man: “His frontal cortex was bombarded with too much bullshit at once, causing him to lose consciousness. I suggest that you keep him away from radical postMarxist homosexuals from now on.”


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