3 March, 2021

Queers Are Everywhere! Yay! (Better Check Your Dog, Too)

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Lemme get this straight (no pun intended): only about 3% of Americans pack fudge. Ram rump. Burgle butts. Corn-hole. Bite the pillow. Swish when they walk. Prance around in pink. But now, 30% of young idiots identify as ass-pirates??? Uh-huh. Riiiggghhhtt. Okaaaaaay. Something’s wrong with this picture, Nathan…really, really, wrong…hold on, wait a second:

“When one examines both age and political identification, a startling trend emerges: young people who are politically liberal identify as LGBT at astronomic rates.” Ohhh! There it is! Young idiots are “padding the numbers” in order to help Big Fag gain power! Queers will be “normalized” in the minds of Americans. They will finally be “accepted” by Joe Citizen! That’s the plan.


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