24 March, 2021

The First Reparations Payments Are Made to Blacks in Evanston, Illinois

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(Above: a Detroit slum. This was probably a nice, White neighborhood before several million Blacks flooded North, from the Deep South, circa 1930) [1].

But wait: since Blacks make American cities unsafe, are they going to pay reparations to Whites? Why are the reparations only going one way? Blacks destroy cities and cause high crime rates, which means higher taxes for Whites. Detroit, Cleveland and Baltimore (nice cities in the 1940s) are now ruined. When are the Blacks going to pay for the ruination they caused? The answer, of course, is never. Blacks only take, take, take. They don’t give back. That’s why they’re called “gibs-me-dats!”

A news quote: “The plan, which could be the first of its kind in the U.S., is to distribute $400,000 to eligible Black households. The Associated Press reported that qualifying households in the city of 73,000 would be eligible to receive $25,000 for home repairs or down payments on property.”



[1] “This (Black) relocation — called the Great Migration — resulted in massive demographic shifts across the United States. Between 1910 and 1930, cities such as New York, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland saw their African-American populations grow by about 40 percent…” — from “Great Migration: The African-American Exodus North” at npr.org

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