26 March, 2021

White People and The Other: a One-Sided Relationship, or, White Benevolence

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The Other means “anybody who isn’t White” [1]. White people have “a thing” about helping The Other. Why? Blame Christianity, a Jewish-created, egalitarian, do-gooder religion. Blame White compassion, which we have waaaay too much of. (Do you realize that, if the Chinese had colonized America instead of Whites, they would have slaughtered everybody who wasn’t Chinese? We colonized America, but we — being way too nice — didn’t slaughter everyone who wasn’t White. The Indians are still here, and are operating casinos now. Whites are the only people who conquer-but-don’t-slaughter).

White men have been helping Third World people for, what, 100 years at least? And how did such helping benefit Whites? It didn’t. It helped the Third World! It only hurt Whites, by putting more burdens and more expenses on Whites, and it also created a bad precedent. A habit. It’s a very one-sided relationship. They gain, we lose.

But I’ll admit: geographically speaking, Papua New Guinea is a beautiful region.

Black and Brown people benefit greatly from their relationship with Whites. But it’s a ridiculous relationship. White compassion towards The Other only leads to trouble for us. Whites are too damn nice for their own good.

[Video, 20 minutes].


[1] actually, The Other means “anybody who isn’t a White male” but biological sex isn’t an issue here

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