22 May, 2021

Clown World Gets Clownier

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Liberal Air Force officer #1: “Male? Female? Those are just social constructs that evil White men invented in 1870 to oppress women and non-binary African-Americans! But, thankfully, we know the truth today!”

Liberal Air Force officer #2: “Yes! Everyone now knows that there are 147 different genders and 39 different sexes! Only an evil White male would argue otherwise!”

There’s no such thing as “transgender.” So how can the U.S. Air Force Academy roll out a program for something that doesn’t exist? You can blame both Cultural Marxism and Postmodernism for this “transgender” crap, especially the latter. Postmodernism (also called postMarxism) denies reality. It says that “there is no truth, there are no absolutes, there is no reality per se. Every person has his own truth and his own reality.” [1]. Postmodernism was a Marxist reaction to White Western science and logic. Can’t have science and logic! That would be too White! White bad! Stop the bad!

So, that’s how “transgender” can be a “thing” today. It’s pure bullshit. Postmodernism, and Cultural Marxism, should be banned by law from all schools and academies.

Quoting the USAF article: “Our Transgender Working Group hopes to achieve a smooth roll out of the policy, where transgender Airmen and cadets are provided support, treated with dignity and respect, and can fully contribute to enhancing our mission”… (“enhancing our mission”?? What mission would that be?)

[Article] and [Article].


[1] re: different realities: for example, there is a meteorite in Oregon that weighs 15 tons. The “Native Americans” believe that the meteorite is a spirit that fell from the sky, and it’s alive. Yes, it fell from the sky, but no, it isn’t alive. It’s been lying there for 10,000 years. How could it be alive? But according to postmodernism, the Native Americans could be correct and it could be alive, since that’s their reality and all realities are different and one isn’t any better than another. This is the kind of shit that postmodernist “philosophy” leads to. Utter shit. Postmodernism is mental illness. “Insane” means that “you can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality.” Well, that definition is a real problem when dealing with postmodernism, isn’t it?? Which reality is real?? This is the kind of crap that you get when the Judeo-Left runs the universities and colleges.

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