4 June, 2021

Just Think Back

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(Above: America’s “second president”: the communist spy Harry “The Hop” Hopkins [1890-1946], who was of course married to a Jew. Who else would he marry?).

We are all frustrated with the political corruption that currently exists in Washington, D.C. and in America on the whole. You know: Joe Biden, the Deep State, the stolen 2020 election, crooked state governors and mayors, etc.

But just think back in time for a few minutes. Recall that, circa 1940 to 1945, Washington, and America, were full of communists and Soviet spies. They were everywhere: in the State Department, in the Treasury Department, even in the White House itself! The communist spy Harry “The Hop” Hopkins actually lived at the White House and he was known as “the 2nd President” because he had so much power and influence in the F.D. Roosevelt administration. And Hopkins was very good friends with Joe Stalin. In other words, Stalin had a virtual “key to the back door of the White House.” FDR sided with the Soviets against Germany as early as November 1933 and then pushed (lied) America into a very deadly world war, and Truman ignored communist spies in America, and nuked Japan for no good reason (the war was already won), the biggest war crime in history (children were nuked). FDR put Japanese citizens in concentration camps here in America but strangely didn’t do the same thing with Jewish and communist subversives, who numbered in the many thousands. And, due to the war rationing, you couldn’t even buy butter, sugar or gasoline (but the mafia could! And did! Mobsters always had plenty of butter and coffee; in fact, they sold it on the black market) [1][2]. These were the oily, subversive people who were running Washington D.C. and America in 1940-1945.

As bad as things are now, they were much worse back then. (And yet, grandpa fondly recalls “the war years”! The “Greatest Generation”! It’s sickening to see WWII so romanticized. They call it “the good war.” Good?? A war that killed 60 million White people and bankrupted Europe was “good”?? I guess if you’re a Jew, it was!).


[1] curiously, in August 1941, 3 months before America suddenly entered WWII, FDR created the war rationing administration. How strange! Must have been just a…Cohencidence! Remember, the Pearl Harbor attack was said to have been a “surprise.” So why did FDR set up such a thing 3 months beforehand? You’d have to ask the man who invented war mobilization: the Jewish powerbroker Bernard Baruch. Bernie no doubt was involved in the war rationing.

[2] the following items were rationed by the government during WWII: automobiles, tires, gasoline, fuel oil, coal, firewood, nylon, silk, shoes, meat, dairy, coffee, dried fruits, jams, jellies, lard, shortening, and cooking oils.

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