8 June, 2021

What Is the American Role in the World?

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America’s cause/role in the world? How about “as the biggest and most powerful country in the West, and as the last bastion of real freedom, our goal must be to preserve the Western world using every possible tool at our disposal.” [1]. How about that? We are the most powerful Western country. We have (had?) mountains of money, hundreds of nukes and a military that is (or rather, was) capable of taking on Russia and China, and maybe both of them combined. Now? We are basically clown world. General so-and-so is a tranny and Admiral so-and-so is a closet Marxist. And we are bankrupt (i.e., trillions of dollars in debt), and the current president has no brain. China must be laughing hard now. (The Chinese will, no doubt, try to take Taiwan soon and then the fun will really begin because America will be expected to enter the fight on the side of Taiwan). America is the de facto leader of the West, and so must be the protector of the West.



[1] the late WN leader Tom Metzger once said: “the West will stand or fall on the fate of America.” Yes, indeed. There are only two other countries that could possibly save the West: Britain and France, but they are small countries and they are now fractured by multiculturalism and liberalism. As for Canada, does it even have a military?

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