25 July, 2021

Argentina: New Law Forces All Government Agencies to Hire Trannies

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(Above: the late Army General Jorge Videla of Argentina. He died in prison after being sent there for giving leftists free helicopter rides circa 1977. Those ungrateful punks. When someone offers you a free helicopter ride, you eagerly accept it and say “thank you!” — right? Right? No???? Oh. Okay, then).

It’s remarkable how quickly trannies have been forced onto the public. Within about 7 years, trannies have gone from being “sick freaks” to being “legitimate.” How did that happen? Oh, that’s right: the Jewish media in the West pushed it daily.

Now, in Argentina, all government workplaces must hire “x” number of mentally-ill men who think they are women (or vice-versa but usually they’re men). How will that improve governmental services in Argentina? If anything, it will downgrade governmental services, and it will lead to lots of tension at governmental agencies — which is entirely the point: all Jewish-led “liberation movements” are designed to cause People A to fight with People B while the Jews sit back and enjoy the mess they’ve made by destabilizing yet another conservative country (Argentina was once a conservative, Catholic country) [1][2][3]. And to think, there’s no such thing as a “transgender” human anyway. A tranny is a 3-dollar bill. Fake.

“A law reserving 1% of Argentina’s public sector jobs for transgender people will transform everyday life for the country’s trans community, LGBT+ activists said after Congress gave final approval for the measure.”



[1] Jewish-led “liberation movements” have included: feminism, labor unions, abortion, civil rights, “human rights” and “gay rights.”

[2] Argentina never fully recovered from the fallout from the Dirty War (1976-1983), which was caused by violence from the Left. During the Dirty War, the military gave leftists one-way helicopter rides and so there was left-wing reaction to that from around the world, leading ultimately to a more-muscular Left in Argentina.

[3] Argentina is largely White (Spaniard and Italian especially). There is even a colony of Welsh in Patagonia.

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