6 August, 2021

A New Meme for WWII

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(Above: the Soviet ambassador to America, Maxim Litvinov (real name Wallach-Finkelstein), the Jewish creep who met with Roosevelt on Nov. 16, 1933. At that meeting, Roosevelt “recognized” the Soviet Union as a legitimate state, when in fact it wasn’t. It was the world’s first criminal state. Contrast that with Hitler’s Germany, which was not a criminal state. The U.S. seems to do the wrong thing time and time again!).

Seen at VNN Forum: “The allies”? Not anymore. Now, they are the ALL-LIES! Because WWII was all lies! “We are fighting for freedom!” they said. A lie. “Hitler is trying to take over the world and force everyone to eat SPAM!” A lie. He wanted to force everyone to eat broccoli. “The Nazis gassed 164 million sweet, innocent, lovable Jews!” A lie: it was 243 million sweet, innocent, lovable Jews — but once you reach the 100-million mark then it doesn’t really matter the number, just ask the real mass-murder experts, the Soviets — who, by the way, were our “allies” in WWII, for some very, very strange reason. I thought America championed democracy and fought totalitarianism? Guess not. Trivia: Roosevelt recognized the Soviet Union even though he was warned not to because the Soviet Union was a criminal, murderous, communist state [1]. Roosevelt committed a crime against humanity by recognizing the Soviet Union as legitimate. And today? Is Roosevelt cursed in good society today? Nope! His image appears on the U.S. dime! (If you’re a decent person, you won’t carry a dime in your pocket).


[1] the Soviets had already murdered millions of people by 1933, and the American government knew it! Yes. Both Lenin and Stalin were criminals before becoming leaders of the Soviet Union. So was Litvinov: he served 18 months in prison before escaping and fleeing to Geneva; more trivia: Litvinov was good friends with Jewish comedian Harpo Marx of Marx Brothers fame. Roosevelt’s recognition of the Soviet Union opened it up to international loans and trade and made it appear “legitimate” on the world stage, even though the Soviets didn’t honor any of the promises made to America in return for the recognition. The Soviet Union would have collapsed long ago had the U.S. not aided it at different times and in different ways (e.g., Lend-Lease). The U.S. “saved” the Soviet Union, and since it was the “mother ship” of global communism, that by itself was a horrific crime against the world. Way to go, asshole Roosevelt

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