27 August, 2021

Catholic Bishop Says: Transgender Does Not Exist

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“No one is transgender” — a Catholic bishop in Virginia. Of course, he’s right. A human cannot change his sex, any more than he can change his race. But why did this bishop, and others, wait so long to speak out about the total fraud of “transgenderism”? Where were they 10 years ago when the Jewish media bosses were pushing “transgender” crapola onto the public 24/7? [1].



[1] “a handful of rich, powerful, Jewish media bosses created the ‘transgender’ movement beginning circa 2007” is a true statement. In that year, trannies were beginning to appear on TV shows. Today, trannies have been “normalized,” thanks to daily media propaganda. Of course, the tranny movement could not exist without postmodernism, which denies reality; that denial is necessary for the tranny movement to thrive

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