15 October, 2021

Having Fun in Cuba

Posted by Socrates in Biden, Biden administration, Castro, communism, Cuba, Marxism, socialism, socialism-to-communism transformation at 2:21 pm | Permanent Link

(Above: mass-murderer Fidel “Gimme Two Scoops of Rocky Road!” Castro).

Isn’t communism (oops, I mean “socialism”) great? You can’t even get any ice cream. (How ironic: the Satanic Cuban leader Fidel Castro (1926-2016) really loved ice cream. I mean, he was an ice cream nut, probably eating it twice per day. Meanwhile, the Cuban people had to eat cockroaches dipped in molasses — yummy!). But I’ll bet America’s vice president, “Havana” Harris, could get some ice cream in Cuba in 30 seconds — 20 seconds if it was just plain vanilla.


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