13 October, 2021

The Untouchables

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Back in the 1970s, you could make fun of anybody (except Jews).

But now, “gay and trans people” are a protected class. They can’t be criticized.

And the speed at which “trans people” arrived on the scene! My god! They didn’t even “exist” until about 2001! And to think, “trans people” don’t physically exist. A man can’t “become” a woman! So we’re talking about people who aren’t even real, so to speak! [1].

God, I get tired of hearing the word “gay” (which meant “happy” until the Jew, Gertrude Stein, got ahold of it). What if White people controlled America, instead of Jews?

“Poet Saeed Jones used to consider himself a longtime fan of the comedian. But Chappelle’s new Netflix special “The Closer,” which fixates on gay and trans people, feels like a stab in the back.”



[1] the pro-homosexual/pro-trans movement is sneaky: one minute, it says, “we aren’t talking about sex, we’re only talking about gender. Who you believe you are. Some people believe they were born in the wrong body, and some men believe they are women. It’s all mental. It’s not about biological sex.” But wait! The next minute, the movement says that “Henry is a trans woman.” Now they are indeed talking about physical sex! Not just mental aberrations. See, Henry had his pecker cut off and a “mangina” made where his pecker used to be (i.e., a cavity made of muscle and skin, which smells to high heaven most of the time due to bacteria. Apparently, the smell can clear a large room. In other words, you can actually smell a tranny. *sniff* *sniff* “When did you get your willie cut off, Frank??”).

The “trans” movement is probably the only leftist movement which actively and literally denies reality. And where did that stupidity come from? From postmodernism (a.k.a. postMarxism). Surprise! Postmodernism has deep Jewish roots (e.g., Max Scheler, and a few other Jews who influenced Scheler, such as Karl Mannheim, Edmund Husserl and Alfred Schutz, and Jacques Derrida, and also the Jewish writer/columnist Walter Lippmann.

Importantly for us, the main feature of postmodernism is social constructionism, which says: “almost everything in society is a man-made social construct and therefore is not genuinely, organically real.” Although it’s not entirely Jewish (it has a few gentile nutjobs, such as the homosexual child-molester Michel Foucault), you can call social constructionism “at least 90% Jewish in origin, maybe even 95%”. So ultimately, the core of postmodern philosophy is Jewish. Which figures. Every type of assault on the West has come from Jewish intellectuals. Indeed, you can call the entire Left “a Jewish construct.” (Here’s a scary thought: Derrida and Foucault are among the most popular philosophers. These freaks are quoted nearly everywhere: in books, magazines, even in movies. No wonder the West is unraveling like a ball of yarn).

(Postmodernism is dangerous, since denying reality can be hazardous to not only you, but to everyone else around you. If you pushed postmodern baloney in 1940, they would have taken you to the giggle farm and tossed you into a padded cell for a few years).

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