13 December, 2021

Communism Never Died, It Just Changed Form, or, Build What Back Better?

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Rightists never update their thinking. They don’t need to. Western Civilization works. There’s no need to change it.

But leftists frequently update their thinking: first there was the Old Left circa 1930, then The New Left circa 1964, and now there’s Woke. Leftism keeps changing. But it has to. Its failures must be hidden from generation to generation. It must be re-invented every 20 years or else somebody might notice that leftism doesn’t work. Actually, I’m being funny: leftism doesn’t work because it can’t work. It isn’t a political ideology; it actually has nothing to do with politics anymore. It’s now a weapon against White Western culture. Period. It’s not about “building” anything. It’s about tearing down the existing order of things, about tearing down Whiteness and normalcy and happiness. Leftists are unhappy, angry people (and misery needs company) [1][2].

Marxism (communism) became Cultural Marxism because the first “live” version of Marxism (in 1917 in the Soviet Union) didn’t work. It didn’t “sell.” Few people bought it. So circa 1936, Marxism morphed into Cultural Marxism, which later morphed into PC in the 1980s, and still later into Wokism, with each one being more ridiculous than the last one. Now men can “become” women. What’s next: humans can “become” hamsters? Don’t laugh, it’ll happen, thanks to postmodern philosophy and jerkoffs like Derrida and Foucault (who are the most-often-quoted “philosophers” today).

“The radical hope is to dignify the move toward undermining our republic, natural rights, private property, and the family by painting the words “anti-racism” and “gender equality” on the hammer and sickle. Then talk about electric cars and reducing carbon footprints, and hope the fear generated will change our society forever.”



[1] Which is why Biden’s “Build Back Better” slogan is such a joke. What on earth does that mean? Since when does leftism “build” anything? The Left taxes and kills: the first thing a leftist does when he takes office is raise taxes across the board. Then he uses that tax money to further kill off White Western culture by creating laws that favor Black and Brown people, e.g., Obamacare, Affirmative Action and “no cash bail required” laws such as in New York.

[2] Studies have shown that: conservatives are happier and more “grounded” than liberals, who are never satisfied with their lives; conservative marriages last longer (some last 50 or 60 years); and conservatives will often work for the same company for 40 years; conservatives don’t want or need change, while liberals — always seeking some elusive utopia with fewer White people — crave change, perhaps hoping that they will finally find happiness through more governmental mandates — which apparently they did with Covid-19: liberals seem to enjoy the endless lockdowns and the vaccine mandates, which give them much-needed feelings of power and control.

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