8 March, 2022

Debunking Marxism in One Paragraph, for Newbies

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Marxism (aka, communism) cannot work because it goes against human nature. Marxism says that it can overcome human biology, IQ, ability and ambition. It says that it can create a new type of man: a one-size-fits-all robot [1]. No, it can’t. It tried to in the Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Cuba, etc. It failed each time. It can’t create a new robotic man because man is biological. Man has brains, feelings, desires, logic, ambition and ability. Jewish political/philosophical crap from Karl Marx can’t overcome those human things. In almost 80 years, Marxism failed to produce anything except murder, oppression, hunger and misery. Marxism is a failure and this has been proven over and over again. The only reason the Soviet Union (the “mothership”) stayed afloat as long as it did was because of massive Western help (loans, credit, Lend-Lease, winning WWII with American aid, etc.) [2]. There isn’t even “equality” in a Marxist country! There’s the “privileged class” (the dictator and his immediate underlings) and then there’s “everybody else” (the poor, oppressed citizens who are starving most of the time; look at Cuba). Whether regular Marxism or Cultural Marxism, it cannot work because humans aren’t robots and can’t be made into robots. Humans will behave like humans, fancy Jewish philosophy be damned. Furthermore, anything connected to Marxism (including socialism, Political Correctness and “woke”) is also a fraud, for the same reasons.


[1] this new, robotic man was known as “New Soviet man” (along with his “New Soviet woman” of course).

[2] e.g., the West loaned $675 million dollars to Poland in 1980, $400 million to East Germany in 1983, and $250 million to the Soviet Union in 1984. Did they pay the money back? Of course not. How would they? Marxism is non-profit (unless you’re Fidel Castro)! Western loans were frequently given for political reasons, i.e., the West benefited in some way. A smart man would now ask: “if Marxism works, why did they always need loans from the West?” Hey, you’re not supposed to ask that question. That’s logic! You can’t use logic with Marxism! Castro had bank accounts all over the world and had a fortune estimated to be roughly $1 billion dollars. Yes, billion, with a b. Not bad for a poor, murderous, commie thug, eh?? Meanwhile, Cuban citizens were eating lizards in order to survive.

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