19 March, 2022

Revisiting a Prior Post About America Being Ruined

Posted by Socrates in constitution, constitutional rights, El Salvador, North American Union, socialism, The Eurocide, the Great Awokening, The Great Replacement (TGR), The Great Reset at 1:49 pm | Permanent Link

Re: the post “El Salvador President Asks if the Destruction of the United States is Being Done Intentionally” (VNN, Feb. 3, 2022).

I heard someone ask: “why would anyone deliberately destroy America, the greatest country in history (until circa 1912, anyway)?” I can think of 2 reasons why: 1) to destroy the White middle class (which is the foundation of American society); 2) to usher-in socialism and the Great Reset. (Another possible reason is: to speed up the creation of a North American Union, which would likely kill our constitution and require a new one).

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