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19 March, 2022

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Re: the post “El Salvador President Asks if the Destruction of the United States is Being Done Intentionally” (VNN, Feb. 3, 2022). I heard someone ask: “why would anyone deliberately destroy America, the greatest country in history (until circa 1912, anyway)?” I can think of 2 reasons why: 1) to destroy the White middle class […]

29 August, 2021

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Phase 1 was the two fake Donald Trump impeachments, which were fraudulent and based on nothing. Phase 2 was Covid-19. Phase 3 was endless rioting. Phase 4 was removing Trump from office by stealing the 2020 election. This war on White property is Phase 5. Did Trump really scare Big Jew and Big Liberal that […]

29 July, 2021

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On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced to the world that he was running for president of the United States. This, by itself, worried the media bosses. Unlike most presidential candidates, Trump was not a professional politician. In other words, Trump was an unknown and unpredictable, politically […]