15 March, 2022

Soviet Meddling and Deliberate Distractions in American History

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Here’s some interesting American history for the newbies.

Somebody high in the pecking order advised Dr. Revilo Oliver back in 1960:

“So why don’t you give up the speaking, the worrying about the Jews, and get back to your business, which is scholarship? …There are only ten years left at most before the occupation of the US by the USSR; and nothing you are doing is going to prevent that, any more than a fish’s wriggling its tail in a net affects its consignment to tomorrow night’s poêle. The question is how we spend those ten years…” (He raised a good point: the Soviet Union was funneling money to the American communist party during the 1960s, via MLK’s Jewish handler Stanley Levison, who would carry bags of cash to the communists. The Soviets made it their policy to support the U.S. civil rights movement as a way to destabilize American society. Many experts knew that the American Left was being supported by the Soviets, even if many leftists didn’t know that [they were naive, “useful idiots”]) [1].

“It only later became apparent that the “burglary” (the Watergate scandal, 1972) had been designed not only to keep the boobs agog and hold their attention from significant changes in policy, but also to set a precedent in the first resignation of an American President.”

Similarly, it has been said that Walt Rostow’s Vietnam War was both a “distraction” and a “weapon” by design: a pre-planned way to speed up the destruction of America. If it wasn’t, then it certainly worked in that fashion. America went from “innocent Walt Disney movies and family picnics” (circa 1964) to “LSD, hippies, race riots and Black Panthers” (circa 1968), in just a few years. That was quick. Real quick! America was upended and transformed in 4 years. A world record for cultural transformation, probably. America changed so quickly that it likely was not an accident but was deliberate and pre-planned. Rostow was a smart man. He knew that a huge military campaign against communism in Southeast Asia would provide plenty of distractions. Ironically, or maybe not, the anti-Vietnam-War movement was heavily-Jewish, e.g., Robert Greenblatt, Stew Albert, Allen Ginsberg, Phil Ochs, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Ted Gold and members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); was it all just a coincidence, or was it a Cohencidence? [2].



[1] “Once more came the ‘outside’ influence of the (Soviet) Comintern; and what did it say? It said that the struggle against discrimination and for Negro rights is a revolutionary struggle for the national liberation of the Negroes, that we must fight for complete Negro equality; and that in the Black Belt the full realization of this demand requires the fight for the national self-determination of the Negroes including the right of separation from the United States and the organization of an independent (Black) state.” — from “Milestones in the History of the Communist Party” by Jewish communist Alexander Bittelman, 1937.

[2] The Jewish neocon Walt Rostow (1916-2003) was President Kennedy’s friend and national security advisor. He convinced Kennedy to begin an anti-communist crusade in Southeast Asia (beginning in Laos in 1961) and, to a lesser extent, in Latin America. The so-called Rostow Thesis was basically this: “The U.S. could save the entire world from communism as long as the third world strictly followed and obeyed the economic/political ideas of the U.S. and as long as America could ‘nurture’ and ‘grow’ the third world by feeding it capitalism and anti-communism via a huge, steady supply of U.S. aid, including lots of money.”

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