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19 May, 2020

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The Ku Klux Klan has, what, 75 members today? (if you don’t count the 30 undercover federal cops). Why would Asians fear the Klan? It’s a paper tiger (get it? Ha-ha! That’s a Chinese expression)[1]. Why doesn’t Superman tackle a real problem: violent negroes murdering, robbing and raping White people every day in America? That’s […]

19 June, 2014

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“The Saga of White Will.” This was originally a paper comic book. [Here; click on the arrows at bottom right to turn the pages].

24 July, 2012

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It’s hard to know what motivates people. The gunman in Aurora, Colorado could have been a wacko since birth. However, it’s safe to say that, if America had a real culture instead of a cheap, pop culture, the number of crazed gunmen in it would be fewer. In a country where feelings of community and […]

30 April, 2011

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Nothing can be innocent or fun anymore. Every little thing has to have political “sides,” either “good” or “bad” or “for” or “against.” Comics, children’s TV shows, grocery bags, energy sources, beauty contests – everything is political today. It sucks. You can blame the Jews for that. They dominate the popular culture and they over-analyze, […]

2 February, 2008

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The Germans haven’t swallowed enough Holocaust propaganda yet: [Article]. Another Holocaust comic book, from a different perspective: [Here].

29 December, 2007

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Maybe if China wasn’t on its Security Council, the UN would enjoy a better image? But even then, what about infamous UN fiascoes, like Katanga? Interestingly, both the UN and American comic books have Jewish roots [1][2][3]: [Article]. [1] about the UN and Katanga: [Here] [2] about Jews, superheroes and American comic books: [Here] [3] […]