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20 July, 2006

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17 July, 2006

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‘Radio Priest’ Father Charles E. Coughlin’s “Driving Out the Money Changers,” 1933 How and why is America burdened with debt-money, interest and usury?

11 July, 2006

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Good article, touching on some of the things I mention in WC post. A British inventor describes British attitudes today: We like fast bucks,” he says. “Our culture admires flashes of brilliance. We don’t admire dogged development. Our culture goes against the steady pace and hard work of industry. As I said, the average Briton […]

31 March, 2006

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The propagandists’ clarion call to war… From the Daily Reckoning: The Attack on the U.S. Dollar and Energy Needs “It’s bad enough that the Middle East has us over a barrel of oil thanks to our continued dependency on access to its huge reservoirs of crude, but largely unknown to most Americans, the Organization […]

26 March, 2006

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Alex, File this under: What forest, what trees? From the Daily Reckoning – “You can make a lot of money by watching bankers, we long ago concluded. You see where they are lending money – and you sell the borrowers short. Or, you look at what they are selling – and you buy it.

22 March, 2006

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Debunking femi-claims is so easy women can do it, ho. Truth is, men work harder, longer, and do darn near as much in the home as women, and suffer 95% of the 100k job-related deaths over the last 15 years. But these facts don’t interest the harpies, and they own the press. Article.

19 March, 2006

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Black Spending Habits [archive] These are tough economic times, especially for African-Americans, for whom the unemployment rate is more than 10%. Alarmingly, rather than belt-tightening, the response has been to spend more. In many poor neighborhoods, one is likely to notice satellite dishes and expensive new cars. According to Target Market, a company that tracks […]

18 March, 2006

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From: The Sorry State of U.S. Government Accounting Practices

17 March, 2006

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This is pure treason. Call it NAFTA, free trade, what you will, it is nothing but a pure treasonous sell out of the interests of American citizens. The idea of letting in shitskins, the humanic weeds called Mexicans, and letting in their filthy, farting trucks – no honest leader would dream of allowing such. The […]

16 March, 2006

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by James R. The entirety of America was deeded-bequeathed to White Man by his Forefathers. When the American “Frontier” was closed in 1890, American White Man owned 100% of America, coast-to-coast, lock, stock and barrel, free and clear of debt. Now lookee! Five percent (1 in 20) of the people residing in America have looted-expropriated […]