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13 July, 2009

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White man invents, Yellow man co-opts/copies after White man sells out, then both are called “equal” in ability and creativity: [VNN Forum]. More about White vs. non-White ability/creativity: [Here].

16 March, 2009

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by Iranian For Aryans. “I watched this horror-fantasy stop-action claymation tale tonight. Like its predecessor, A Nightmare Before Christmas, I was very impressed. Both productions are macabre, phantasmagoric, and utterly wild in their conceptions and depictions of other-worldly scenes and places. Essentially, this tale is one that centers around a situation that is “too good […]

14 March, 2008

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I just watched “Beowulf”   “Beowulf as depicted by a Nordic female painter. Beowulf is a hero through-and-through.”   “Beowulf the Modern: a bastard product of Jewish cultural perversions.”   I thought it was a sordid affair. It was, as to be expected, a corruption of the original tale. It Jewed everything down. There were […]

17 July, 2007

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The Racial Basis of Civilization: A Critique of the Nordic Doctrine   By Iranian for Aryans   I read this work by the sociologist Frank Hankins about three weeks ago. The subtitle interested me. I, a Nordicist, wanted to review this work that I read well nigh a decade ago.   Overall, my (not very […]

16 July, 2007

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Common Sense and Fatigue A Nordic female acquaintence once told me that she was born and raised in Glendale. She graduated high school in 1965 and, horror-of-horrors, her whole class was blonde-haired and blue-eyed! (Not even in my most opiate-inspired dream could I imagine an American suburban city high school to be comprised solely of […]

10 October, 2006

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On Your Introductory Speech for the Portland Lovecraft Film Festival Greetings Dr. Price, I am writing to give you my opinion on your well-versed, well-spoken, erudite, but umbrage-invoking introductory “sermon” for the Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland. It is extremely rare to find someone with your level of scholarship and control of the English language. […]

3 September, 2006

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By Iranian for Aryans I don’t read works of fiction by modern authors. In fact, I avoid them like poison frogs. I have nothing but contempt for people who read junk novels from the pens of Clancy, Mitchum, King, Morrison, and the rest of these half-baked churners of the ultramundane. Good literature – and indeed, […]

22 March, 2006

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I have always been a fan of horror, and science fiction movies. Therefore, I paid a visit to the local movie theatre Saturday night to watch a horror movie entitled “The Hills Have Eyes”. This is a remake of the earlier (1977) movie, which I have not seen. Well, I went to the theatre expecting […]